Question: How do I join Meetup?

How do I join a Meetup meeting?

To join a group:Log in to your account.Go to the homepage for the group you want to join.Click Join us on the homepage on a Desktop / Mobile Web, or tap + to join on the App.Depending on the settings for the group, you will either be added as a new member right away or once the organizer approves your request.

How much does it cost to join Meetup?

Meetup currently has two price plans available: $14.99/month (for a group with up to 50 members and 3 co-organizers) or $19.99/month (with no restrictions). To learn more about pricing, visit our article on when the service is free, and how much it can cost you.

How do I receive messages on Meetup?

If youd like the option to reply to messages via email, all you have to do is enable email notifications for messages. By default, notifications are enabled, but you can double check in your account settings. When a member sends you a message, youll receive an email notification from

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