Question: Is it possible to get married in Bangladesh?

According to Bangladeshi civil law all marriages in Bangladesh require registration with the appropriate Marriage Registrar. For Muslim marriages the applicant should contact the Kazi office or the registrar who solemnized the marriage to obtain the marriage certificate and the Nikah Nama (Bengali and English version).

Is marriage registration compulsory in Bangladesh?

A marriage registration has not been made compulsory in most of the personal laws in Bangladesh, however, nowadays, a marriage registration is very essential for obtaining an established status of legality from the state. However, there is no uniform law for the marriage registration for all religions in Bangladesh.

How can I divorce my wife in Bangladesh?

To complete a mutual divorce, in practice, both the husband and wife take their decision of giving divorce. Husband and wife and 2 (Two) witnesses sign in the book of the marriage registrar. Usually, before coming to the decision of divorce, both the parties sign an agreement on their decided terms and condition.

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