Question: When did Reel Big Fish form?

Reel Big Fish is a ska punk band that started in 1992 in California. They have only ever played ska/rock music but moved more to a pop sound during the album Cheer Up! They have had many different members since the start of the band, including two different singers and over 10 different horn players.

What does JGA mean?

JGAAcronymDefinitionJGAJust Go AwayJGAJupiter Gravity Assist (astronomy)JGAJournées Graphes et Algorithmes (French: Graph and Algorithm Days; conference)JGAJournal of Geometric Analysis11 more rows

What is a ska boy?

Rude boy, rudeboy, rudie, rudi, and rudy are slang terms that originated in 1960s Jamaican street culture, and that are still used today. In the late 1970s, there was a revival in England of the terms rude boy and rude girl, among other variations, being used to describe fans of two-tone ska.

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