Question: Whats the opposite of deal breaker?

Whats the opposite of a deal?

What is the opposite of deal?denialdisagreementdissensionmisunderstandingrefusalbreakbreachdiscorduncertaintystrangeness5 more rows

What does the phrase deal breaker mean?

or deal-break·er or deal·break·er something that would cause a person to abandon a plan, mutual arrangement, agreement, or relationship: Sorry, but entering into marriage with a partner who has hefty debt or terrible credit is definitely a deal breaker.

Is dealbreaker a formal?

This is the British English definition of dealbreaker .dealbreaker ​Definitions and Synonyms.singulardealbreakerpluraldealbreakers

What can I say instead of deal?

What is another word for deal with?come to terms withcope withmake do withmake out withmanagemanage withface up tobite the bulletrealizeUSadmit27 more rows

What does Pervey mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to supply (something, such as provisions) usually as a matter of business.

Whats a better way to say dealing with?

What is another word for dealing with?caringmanaginghandlingcoping withacceptingcoming to terms withfacing up toconfrontingfacingbiting the bullet13 more rows

How do you say deal with it nicely?

deal (with)act (toward),be (to),handle,serve,treat,use.

What does Immure mean?

Definition of immure transitive verb. 1a : to enclose within or as if within walls. b : imprison. 2 : to build into a wall especially : to entomb in a wall.

What do endow me mean?

If youve been endowed with something, it means youve been given a gift — most likely a gift that cant be returned or exchanged, like a sense of humor or athletic ability or trust. We usually use endow to refer to an ability or a quality, but you can endow someone with money, too.

What can I say instead of dealing with?

Synonyms & Antonyms of dealing (with)acting (toward),being (to),handling,serving,treating,using.

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