Question: What is the legal age to marry in Nepal?

Child marriage has been illegal in Nepal since 1963 and, at 20 years old for both men and women, Nepal has one of the highest legal ages of marriage in the world. Arranging a child marriage or marrying a child is also punishable by law.

What do you call a person from Nepal?

Nepalis (English: Nepalese ; Nepali: नेपाली गण) are the Indo-Aryan and Sino-Tibetan citizens of Nepal under the provisions of Nepali nationality law.

Is there death sentence in Nepal?

At the end of 2019, 106 countries, more than half of the worlds countries, had abolished the death penalty in law for all crimes. Nepal abolished capital punishment through the Constitution of 1990 and is among 142 countries in the world to have done so in law or practice.

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