Question: Who was Drakes date at Dodger Stadium?

Drake, 34, had a custom Dodgers jerseys with the words the boy while his date, Johanna Leia, was wearing one with her name on the back. The rapper appears to have an affinity for lavish gatherings at sports venues.

Who was Drake at Dodger Stadium with?

model Johanna Leia Rap star Drake avoided crowds and any COVID-related hassles while still enjoying the ballpark experience with model Johanna Leia at Dodgers Stadium by simply arranging to get the place to himself.

Who was Drake having dinner with?

Johanna Leia Drake was reportedly accompanied by Johanna Leia, mother of 17-year-old basketball player Amari Bailey, to who he has been recently romantically linked.

Who did Drake rent Dodger Stadium for?

influencer Johanna Leia It appears Drake has a special new lady in his life and he went all out to impress her with a romantic date at Dodgers Stadium Thursday night. Drizzy, 34, rented out the baseball stadium for an intimate outing with model/entrepreneur Johanna Leia.

How much is it to rent the whole Dodger Stadium?

Renting home plate for a wedding can cost anywhere from $1,000 (Coors Field) to $5,000 (Dodger Stadium). Renting the entire field can start at $25,000.

How much did it cost Drake to rent out the stadium?

Drake Rents 70K Capacity SoFi Stadium & Dines On 50 Yard Line | HipHopDX.

Did Drake and Sophie date?

Sophie and Drake were first linked after being spotted having dinner together in January 2017 at a restaurant in Amsterdam. Two months later, reports surfaced that Sophie was pregnant with Drakes child, and the story became the subject of much media attention. She gave birth to their son on 11th October 2017.

How does Drake know Sophie?

We still dont know how Drake and Sophie first crossed paths, they first met in 2017. Narcity reported in 2019 that Adonis parents met in Toronto. In January 2017, The Sun posted photos of the duo dining with a group of friends in Amsterdam at a time when Drake was rumored to be dating Jennifer Lopez.

Does Drake love Sophie Brussaux?

Drake has nothing but love and respect for Sophie During a December 2019 appearance on the Rap Radar podcast, Drake revealed he had waited to tell the world about his son because he was awaiting the results of a DNA test. One Twitter user wrote, Drake called his baby mother a fluke.

How much does it cost to get married at Dodger Stadium?

The cost of the ceremony at home plate, according to most sources we looked at, would cost about $5,000. As for the reception, however, the costs for the reception would greatly depend on the time of year, time of day, the venue and the menu options you choose.

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