Question: Who is Whitney from EastEnders with in real life?

A storyline involving McGarty as the main part was nominated for Best Single Episode as well as Best Storyline. McGarty is of Irish descent. In January 2018, McGarty announced her engagement to long-term partner Ryan Harris.

Are Whitney and Kush together in real life?

Promoted Stories The UK is still abiding by social distancing measures which are set to remain in place until June 21 at the earliest, so how did new lovers Kush and Whitney get away with this? Well, theres no CGI or smoke and mirrors being used, the actors did kiss in real life.

Who is Shona McGarty husband?

Ryan Harris McGarty is of Irish descent. In January 2018, McGarty announced her engagement to long-term partner Ryan Harris.

Whitney is the daughter of Biancas ex, Nathan Dean. When Nathan died, Bianca took Whitney under her wing. Her biological mum has played very little part in her life.

Why is Whitney and Kush kiss?

However, another viewer was simply feeling excited and penned: The latest #EastEnders trailer tonight was fantastic, for once I cant wait for whats to come! In the clip, Kush is seen passionately kissing Whitney after telling her that he agreed to the deal with the Mitchell family to help them.

Why did Kush take Arthur?

Ruby is desperate to have a baby with husband Martin Fowler, and so she offered to pay Kush off to take Martins stepson, Arthur, so Martin would be more open to having children with Ruby. And it was confirmed that Kush took her up on her offer, as he spoke to her from a hotel with Arthur.

How tall is Shona McGarty?

1.6 m Shona McGarty/Height

Did Ricky and Bianca have a baby?

Ricky considers ending their marriage, but Bianca convinces him to give her another chance and she becomes pregnant again. She gives birth to baby Liam on Christmas Day in The Queen Victoria public house, helped by her enemy Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp), her best friend Tiffanys volatile husband.

Is Arthur Kush son?

Arthur Brian Fowler, born on the 24th December 2015, is the son of Stacey Fowler and Kush Kazemi conceived after a one-night stand with Kush Kazemi a month before Stacey slept with Martin.

Who did Kush have a baby with that died?

Shabnams Seven months into her pregnancy, Shabnams baby dies, leaving Kush heartbroken. Shabnam gives birth to their son, Zaair, but Kush is unable to cope and leaves the room.

Who did Kush marry?

Shabnam and Kush marry, shortly after Shabnam discovers that Martin Fowler (James Bye) is not the father of Staceys unborn baby.

How old is Maisie Smith?

20 years (July 9, 2001) Maisie Smith/Age

How old is Shona McGarty?

29 years (October 14, 1991) Shona McGarty/Age

What did Tony do to Whitney?

Tony sexually abused Biancas stepdaughter, Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty), and began grooming her school-friend Lauren Branning (Madeline Duggan), before his predatory nature was uncovered and he was arrested for his crimes.

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