Question: How many wives are allowed in Korea?

Marriage system However, the aristocracy in this period practiced polygamy, and a man was legally allowed to have up to four wives.

For centuries, South Korea has had a law barring couples with the same name and the same ancestral village from marrying. Separately, there is a law against incest that prevents marriages between relatives up to third cousins, but for purists that is not enough.

How many wives do Korean kings have?

The Joseon Dynasty set up a monogamous system whereby there was one husband and one wife, but numerous concubines were allowed and acknowledged, making it different than polygamy or having a secret mistress.

What is Korean concubine?

Within the naemyeongbu, the naegwan (Korean: 내관; Hanja: 內官) were concubines from the major 1st rank (1A) to minor 4th rank (4B), and they did not play any role in the household chores of the palace.

What is Queen Dowager in Korean?

4. Wangbi/Daebi (왕비/대비) — Queen/Queen Dowager. “Wangbi” (왕비) denotes a current wife of the king, whereas “daebi” (대비) is a Queen Dowager: the wife of a deceased king. Because the Queen Dowager is usually the mother of the current king, you may see her addressed as “Queen Mother” in subtitles.

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