Question: Who did the hot crazy Matrix?

FRANKLIN – Franklin Alderman Dana McLendons Hot-Crazy Matrix has made it to the unicorn zone of viral videos. That is, the seven-minute parody dating video has become something rarely seen even in the world of Internet celebrity and popularity. Its become a cultural sensation.

Who made the crazy hot Matrix?

Dana McLendon Dana McLendon created the “Universal Hot/Crazy Matrix” to help dudes understand whether the girl theyre interested in is good-looking, insane, or both. The former divorce lawyer tells Fusion what he thinks a similar matrix for women would looks like. Spoiler alert: Only one axis would change.

Was switch a man in The Matrix?

Elsewhere in the interview, Wachowski revealed that Switch, a character in the first film who works alongside Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), was originally written to be gender fluid. Switch, hence their name, would present as a woman in the fictitious world of “The Matrix” and a man in reality.

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