Question: How do you make a commitment phobe miss you?

What is wrong with commitment phobes?

Commitment phobia can include fear of commitment across several dimensions, not just romantic relationships. It can include fear of deep friendship and a reluctance to commit to a job or career. Cultural trends and technology have influenced peoples search for love and work.

What do you do if you are a commitment phobe?

If you feel that commitment phobia is getting in the way of your own happiness, practice intimacy and communication. Work on expressing your needs and emotions with friends and family. You can also practice making plans.

How do you deal with a commitment phobe?

Ask what their relationship goals are. Give yourself a timeline. Make sure your own needs are met. Dont rush them. Give them space. Try and get them to open up more. Avoid nagging them about it. Understand that they may never commit.More items •Apr 17, 2018

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