Question: Why is Verbier so popular?

Snow is guaranteed in Verbier due to its high altitude and the possibility to ski on the glacier. Verbier is also a party town and the après ski is legendary, Verbiers nightlife is almost as famous as its skiing. With 12 bars and discotheques, Verbier boasts some of the best après-ski and nightlife in the Swiss Alps.

Why is Verbier famous?

Verbier is famous for its advanced and off piste skiing. It also has breathtaking views and wide, steep slopes. Verbier is known for two main aspects: the notorious and challenging itinéraries as well as its après ski which is offered in many venues, on and off the mountain.

What language is spoken in Verbier?

In Verbier the main languages spoken are predominantly French and English, coupled with Italian and German. Verbier is located in the Suisse Romande, the French speaking part of Switzerland.

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