Question: Is the Be2 site really a dating site?

Since be2 is a matchmaking dating site, most of its members serious in looking for love and long-term relationships. However, it seems like there are only a few active premium members in the dating site because of its hefty premium subscription fee. Some sources say that be2 has over 30 million users worldwide.

Is Be2 com legitimate?

Be2 has undergone much speculation after premium members of the website called their services a scam. These members said that they received several messages, likes, and favourites (all of which are not available to free members) even if they havent uploaded a profile picture yet.

How do I cancel my Be2 account?

First you need to login to Click on the icon right next to your name located on the top righ hand site of the site. Then click on Delete Your Profile. Now you need to approve your profile deletion finally.

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