Question: Who is Miguel signed to?

Does Miguel write his own music?

I produce my music. I write my music, so its a reflection of who I am and its different from what he does – and thats great.” Before Miguel goes on stage that night, I visit him in his dressing room. Hes drinking water and practising his scales, using an old Skype conversation with his vocal coach.

What nationality is Nazanin Mandi?

American Nazanin Mandi/Nationality Nazanin Mandi was born on September 11, 1986, in Valencia, California. She is of Persian, Spanish, Mexican, and Native American descent—Mandis father, Ali Reza Mandighomi, is Iranian, while her mother, Luz Cecilia Saenz, is Latin American.

Does Miguel speak Spanish?

On his debut album All I Want Is You, Miguel humble-brags for his new listeners, revealing that he can speak both Spanish and Portuguese (and delivering the phrase I want to run away in the latter), all while shooting his shot for some fast fornication.

What does Nazanin Mandi tattoo say?

Nazanin Mandi has an arabic script tattoo on her right forearm which translates into “Love yourself first”.

What culture is Miguel?

American R&B singer, Miguel Pimental, (stage named, Miguel) was born in San Pedro, California to an African American mother and Mexican father.

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