Question: Are there fake profiles on Zoosk?

Fake profiles are not unique to Zoosk. All dating apps and dating websites suffer from them, and its an ongoing battle for the apps and users to find and remove these fakes. Thats over 40 million users in over 80 countries, and you can see them all. You can filter by region of course, but its optional.

Are there bots on Zoosk?

A leader in online dating, Zoosk is committed to delivering personalized matches to its 35+ million members. With the ultimate goal of creating lasting and meaningful relationships, protecting their users from fraud that may be caused by automated bots is a top priority for the Zoosk security team.

Is zoosk just a hookup site?

Zoosk has millions of chatty users located all around the world. On average, the site receives 3.8 million visits in just a month. This is an active dating website and app with many singles looking to mingle .Zoosk.Overall Rating4.5/5.0Popularity28.9 Million*1 more row•28 Apr 2020

Can you tell how long someone has been on Zoosk?

In particular, Zoosk uses a blue dot in the persons profile to indicate whether they have been active within the past seven days. Being active doesnt mean swiping, just that they have been logged into their Zoosk account in that time. There is no x was last active on date setting in Zoosk.

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