Question: Are there dating sites for First Nations people?

Unlike other Native-owned dating services like and the Big East Native Social Network, the First Nations Dating Network is exclusively for status Indians. Membership in the First Nations Dating Network, normally Cdn $11.99 per month, is free for the first 1,000 people to join.

Is there a dating app for Native Americans?

One of the largest online meet apps for Native American singles on Facebook with over 25 million american singles, FirstMet makes it fun and easy for mature adults to meet Native American people. And you can use our iPhone, Android, and Facebook dating apps to meet Native American singles on the go!

What is Rezfox?

Rezfox is a dating app launched to help Indigenous people find love. (

What are some Cherokee last names?

Here are the most common Cherokee surnames.Awiakta.Catawnee.Colagnee.Culstee.Ghigau.Kanoska.Lisenbe.Nelowie.More items

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