Question: What language do they speak in Namibia?

Is German still spoken in Namibia?

Namibia is a multilingual country wherein German is recognised as a national language (a form of minority language). While English has been the sole official language of the country since 1990, in many areas of the country, German enjoys official status at a community level .German language in Namibia.Namibian GermanISO 639-3–GlottologNone6 more rows

How many languages do they speak in Namibia?

Thirteen languages have been recognized in Namibia as national languages, including 10 indigenous African languages spoken by 87.8% of the population and 3 Indo-European languages spoken by 11.2% of the population.

Do they speak Afrikaans in Namibia?

Afrikaans is also widely spoken in Namibia. Before independence, Afrikaans had equal status with German as an official language. Since independence in 1990, Afrikaans has had constitutional recognition as a national, but not official, language.

Which German accent is the best?

Bavarian dialect The Bavarian dialect is Germanys best-loved accent, according to a new poll from monthly magazine Daheim in Deutschland. The lilting southern Bayerisch German accent was favoured by 44 percent of those surveyed.

What was Hitlers accent?

Bavarian-Austrian accent Hitler the human Ganz displays a great command of the awkward Bavarian-Austrian accent which Hitler spoke and manages to give a natural edge to Hitlers notorious outbursts.

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