Question: Is Vancouver a good city for singles?

Vancouver ranked No. 29 on list of best cities for romance. While Vancouver places in the top 30 cities internationally, its ranked last among the three Canadian cities that made the list.

Where do single people go in Vancouver?

7 awesome ways to meet like-minded singles in VancouverGroup Tours.Cooking Classes.Fitness Classes, Group Sports and Adventure Clubs.Dog Parks.Intimate Concerts.Themed Bars and Trivia Nights.Art Classes and Improv.

How do I meet men in Vancouver?

13 Places In Vancouver To Meet A Man That Isnt TinderWhole Foods. Since we all have to eat, we all need to end up at a grocery store sooner or later. A Bookstore. University Library. The Gym. The dog park in Yaletown. Take A Class. While Donating Blood. A Running Club.More items •Apr 22, 2021

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