Question: Where did the real Project X party happen?

Project X is reported to have been inspired by the story of Corey Delaney, a 16-year-old in Melbourne who held a party in his parents house after announcing it on MySpace. Five hundred people turned up, and clashes with police broke out. Like Thomas, Delaney became a media star.

What happened to Corey Delaney?

Corey Worthington is married now Corey Worthington, the once infamous teenage delinquent, is now married and the woman hes married to is someone he met just two months after his crazy party that made headlines around the nation.

Was them based on a true story?

Them is not based on a real story or a book, but the events highlighted in the show takes inspiration from real-life events. The first season of the show, features the Emory family moving from North Caroline to a malicious neighbourhood in Los Angeles.

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