Question: Who is the surfer in younger season 7?

Who plays the surfer in younger?

Matthew Passmore (born 24 December 1973) is an Australian actor. He is known for McLeods Daughters (2006–2009), Blue Heelers (2003), Last Man Standing (2005), and his first American television show, The Glades (2010–2013).

Who is the Australian surfer in younger?

Kai Manning After leaving us hanging at the end of season six, Younger is really making up for things by introducing some new eye candy into the mix by way of a surfer named Kai Manning.

Does Matt Passmore surf?

Matthews said Passmore moved to the North Shore about two years ago from California but has been surfing here for many years and is experienced at riding big waves in Hawaii, Mexico and elsewhere.

Who is KT on younger Season 7?

KT, played by Ana Villafañe, appears on Younger Season 7 Episode 6.

Is Josh really the father of Claires baby?

Now as Empiricals publisher, Kelsey takes notice of its financial crisis. After taking a paternity test, Josh learns that he is Clares babys father.

Where is Nico Tortorella from?

Wilmette, Illinois, United States Nico Tortorella/Place of birth

Who is Kai on Younger?

Matt Passmore Younger (TV Series 2015–2021) - Matt Passmore as Kai Manning - IMDb.

Who is Claires baby daddy younger?

In the Season 5 finale, Joshs ex Clare showed up at Joshs door in Brooklyn to tell him that she was pregnant with a baby girl. They decided to go through with the pregnancy, which means that somehow, Josh is now a dad on Younger.

Are Joshs tattoos real on Younger?

Nico Tortorella plays a tattoo artist on Younger, and hes all inked up in real life, too. “Im always getting new tattoos,” he told PEOPLE on Tuesday night at the Younger and Teachers premiere party at the NoMad Hotel in New York City.

Who does Diana marry in younger?

Enzo 8 Diana: Married To Enzo Dianas surprise happily ever after with a plumber was a sweet story for her final season on Younger, and fans can rest easy knowing that she is happily wandering Italy with Enzo, madly in love.

Did Felix get bit on world beyond?

Hope wants to go up and over. Felix cant move very quickly because of his ankle and ends up falling when he cant make it over the bus. They go inside another house. Felix reveals his injury and promises that he thinks it will get better.

Who is Aarons boyfriend in The Walking Dead?

Eric Raleigh Aaron/Significant others Eric to Aaron. Eric Raleigh is a survivor of the outbreak in AMCs The Walking Dead. He was a recruiter for the community of Alexandria, along with his boyfriend, Aaron and was responsible for bringing Rick Grimes and his group to Alexandria.

Did Josh Widdicombe really get a tattoo?

In 2015, Widdicombe was a contestant on the first series of the Dave game show Taskmaster and won the series. For one of the tasks, Widdicombe got a tattoo of host Greg Daviess name on his left foot.

Does Nico Tortorella have a black sleeve tattoo?

He plays a tattoo artist in TVs Younger but actor Nico Tortorellas love for tattoos definitely does not stop there. One of his most recent tattoos is a large, black and grey piece on his left upper arm of what looks like a mother lion picking up its cub beside his mom anchor tattoo.

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