Question: Do I get my money back if I cancel Match? Refund Policy Match clearly states in its Terms and Conditions that all purchases made are not refundable. If you want to stop paying for a subscription, you need to cancel it three days before the renewal date.

How do I get a refund from match com UK?

You get a 14-day cooling-off period on any subscription purchase. To request a refund or exchange, just ask our Customer Care team. Please note that refunds are available for purchases of first-time subscriptions and upgrades, and the refund total is calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Can I temporarily deactivate my Match com account?

Click Suspend my account under Help to the left of the page. Then click Suspend my account to confirm. Well send you an email to confirm. You can reactivate your account any time by clicking on the link in this email, or just logging into Match.

How do I delete my Match com account on Android?

How to delete your match profile on AndroidOpen the Google Play Store app.Tap on the ≡ (menu) icon at the top left corner of your screen.Select Subscription from the side menu pane.Youll see your active subscriptions, select on Cancel subscription.Tap Yes to confirm.

How do I delete my 2021 Match account?

Tap on the menu option at the top left corner of the apps and then tap on “Account” from the menu panel that slides out. Tap on Subscription to display all the subscriptions that you have made. Find and tap on Match. Finally, tap on Cancel and then tap on Yes to confirm your choice.

What happens if you delete a conversation on match?

You match will be completely gone. Yet another date with a guy who had an interesting profile but could NOT stop talking about himself! To help you manage your emails, you can delete any message you no longer need from your Messages, Sent, Draft and Trash folders.

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