Question: How is Br determined war thunder?

In Air Arcade Battles, matchmaking is determined by the total battle rating of a lineup, which is calculated based on the three highest BR aircraft of that lineup. Total BR will only be lowered if there is only one aircraft with the highest BR in the lineup (e.g. one 5.0, with all else 4.7 or lower).

Does War Thunder have skill based matchmaking?

Can we get a skill based matchmaker. The game should match you with people of your own skill, this would result in better balanced closer games and it would keep people with thousands of hours away from those with only a few hundred.

What gives the most Rp in War Thunder?

Game economy So a player who helped the allies in a battle, performed mission tasks, earned various achievements, and was close to the epicenter of the battle earns, accordingly, more RP than the player who neglected teamwork or the game objective.

How do spawn points work in war thunder?

Over the course of a battle, players earn Spawn Points, which allow them to use the units placed in their vehicle slots even if they didnt receive the said vehicles during the distribution stage. Unspent spawn points in World War are carried over to next battle.

What is the fastest way to get Lions in War Thunder?

The quickest way to make SL is play AB air, fast paced and you can play many many games inside an hour. A slightly slower but also effective way is to play Air RB with a low tier premium. If you are semi competent you can rack up good SL in no time at all. Faster if you have a buddy (or 3) to fly with.

What is a talisman War Thunder?

Talisman turns a normal tech tree vehicle into a pseudo premium vehicle. It will get research points much faster, but it will not get extra SL like a real premium.

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