Question: Do I have a warrant in Kern County?

There are two official sources in Kern County, CA, to conduct a warrant search or receive information on a case, such as arrest records. Specific details on warrants can be obtained by calling 661-868-5393 for felonies (option 4) or 661-868-7207 for misdemeanors from 8 am until 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

How do you check for warrants in California?

Answer: Go to your local police department or sheriffs station. They can conduct a search to see if you have a warrant.

Do I have a warrant?

How do I check if I have an arrest warrant? You can look for the warrant on the FDLE website. Your local law enforcement agency that took out the warrant might also publish a list of outstanding warrants on its website that you can search for online. You can also call a bail bondsman to look for the warrant for you.

How do I look up criminal records in Kern County?

Court case information is public and may be obtained by going to the court website at This page includes date of arrest, charges, and court disposition.

How do you check if I have a warrant in California for free?

These are by: searching the sheriffs website or the courts website for the county that might have issued the warrant, searching the Superior Court of Californias website, or. running a criminal background check .A person can do this online by searching:public records,criminal records, and.government agency records.

What is the difference between a warrant and an option?

A stock warrant represents the right to purchase a companys stock at a specific price and at a specific date. Stock options are purchased when it is believed the price of a stock will go up or down. Stock options are typically traded between investors. A stock warrant represents future capital for a company.

How do you get a warrant?

To obtain an arrest warrant, officers must convince a judge that probable cause (a reasonable suspicion based on facts) exists for the arrest. Typically, police provide judges with a written statement under oath—called an affidavit—that summarizes the facts supporting their belief that the suspect committed a crime.

How do I find out about local arrests?

You can call 213-473-6100 any time, 24 hours a day. This number works for both LAPD arrests and LASD arrests. You will need to provide the full legal name of the person in order to get information. If you have their full name, you can find out if they were arrested and where theyre being held—and how to contact them.

What does Held answer mean?

If the judge finds that probable cause has been established that defendant committed the charged offenses, defendant will be “held to answer.” This means that in approximately two weeks there will be a (second) arraignment in superior court on the information, which is a complaint based on the preliminary hearing

Do I have a warrant in Fresno CA?

You can call (559) 600-8402. You will need to provide the operator with the subjects full name and a date of birth. We can only check for warrants issued out of Fresno County.

How is a warrant calculated?

Subtract the exercise price from the market price to find the intrinsic value of the warrant. Suppose the market price is $50 per share and the exercise price is $40. This gives you an intrinsic value of $10 per share. Divide the intrinsic value by the conversion ratio to find the value of one warrant.

Is a warrant a type of option?

Similar to a stock option, a warrant is an agreement between two parties that gives one party the right to buy the other partys stock at a set price, over a specified period of time. Once a warrant holder exercises their warrant, they get shares of stock in the issuing partys company.

What is the difference between a bench warrant and a warrant?

A bench warrant is commonly issued when an individual fails to follow the rules of the court or fails to comply with a court order. An arrest warrant is issued once sufficient evidence of criminal activity has been gathered and probable cause has been established.

Can you be released from jail with a warrant?

If you are arrested on an outstanding bench warrant, you will be brought to court and will likely have to pay bail in order to be released. In misdemeanor cases, bail will usually only be court costs or a small fine. In more serious cases, however, bail can be set at an extremely high price.

How do I find mugshots in my area?

Visit your states department of corrections website.Type “your state” and “department of corrections” into your favorite web browser.At the website, look for a link that says “Prisoner Search,” “Offender Search,” “Prisoner Locator” or something similar. You can usually search by prisoner number or name.

What does it mean when a defendant is held to answer?

Once a defendant is held to answer, meaning in custody to answer charges, the prosecuting agency files a document called the Information. The defendant will subsequently be arraigned on the Information at which time he or she will enter a plea and proceed to trial.

What can I expect at a plea hearing?

Plea hearing The judge will ask the prosecution whether the defendant has been found guilty of any offences in the past, as this may impact on the penalty the judge will impose at the sentencing hearing. The judge will consider what you have said as one of many things they consider when they are deciding the sentence.

How do I find out if I have a warrant in Tulare County?

For an official warrant search for Tulare County, contact the Tulare County Sheriffs Office at 559-636-4625 (toll-free at 800-808-0488). If you want your warrant search to encompass previous arrest records, contact the Superior Court of California, County of Tulare, located in Visalia, CA, by phone at 559-730-5000.

Do I have a warrant in Madera County?

For a warrant search in Madera County, CA, contact the Madera County Sheriffs Headquarters at 559-675-7770, or If you believe that an outstanding warrant has resulted in an arrest, you may contact the Madera County Jail Inmate Inquiry at

Is it better to buy warrants or stocks?

If a company sells shares at $100 but a warrant is just $10, more investors will exercise the right of a warrant. Therefore, for long-term investments, stock warrants may be a better investment than stock options because of their longer terms. However, stock options may be a better short-term investment.

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