Question: Do raids have matchmaking Destiny 2?

Are raids matchmaking in Destiny 2?

Matchmaking will never work for Raids - at least not how matchmaking works now. The only thing that COULD work is an in-game LFG where you can set filters on Language, etc But 6 random ppl coming together through matchmaking has so many opportunities to fail.

Is Leviathan raid matchmaking?

There is matchmaking and its called Guided Games.

Why is there no matchmaking for raids Destiny 2?

Before tackling the matchmaking question, Bungie first considers how much coordination is going to be required for the activity. Part of the issue the community has with the lack of matchmaking in the current state of Destiny 2 is due to the time limited and seasonal Seals and Triumphs.

How long did the first vault of glass take?

one hour and 43 minutes Destiny 2s Vault of Glass raid launched on live servers yesterday, with teams competing in a worldwide race to finish the new raid as quickly as possible. Just one hour and 43 minutes after the launch of the raid, a clan by the name of Elysium became the first group to fully clear the Vault of Glass.

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