Question: What are some good conversation topics?

What are some deep conversation topics?

Deep Conversation Topics ListWheres your life headed?How do you think you will die?What are the highest and lowest points of your life?What is holding you back from being the person you want to be?How have your strengths help you to succeed? What are your biggest goals for your life? Who are you really?More items

How do you hold an interesting conversation?

How to Make Interesting Conversation (For Any Situation)Ask something personal. Make it a mission to learn about people you meet. Share something slightly personal. Focus your attention on the conversation. Change the subject to a previous topic. Steer the conversation towards passions. Ask open-ended questions.More items •18 Dec 2020

How do you talk deeply with someone?

How To Have Deep Conversations (With Examples)Start with small talk and gradually go deeper. Choose relaxed, intimate environments. Bring up a deep subject that interests you. Find like-minded people. Ask a personal question about the subject. Share something about yourself. Ask follow-up questions.More items •26 Jan 2021

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