Question: How do you deal with nerds?

How do you deal with dating nerds?

Here are a few helpful tips on dating a nerdy guy.Theyre still men. Nerds are far more alike the “average guy” than they are different. Dont mock his interests. Take an interest in his obsessions. Accept his friends. Be sexually forward. Find common ground. The problem with emotions. Be ready to teach him.More items

How do you not act like a nerd?

StepsAvoid over-accessorizing. Most people see nerds as wearing their interests, so keep away from big logos or clothes with images.Consider contact lenses if you wear glasses. Alternatively, choose glasses that look cool or fashionable.

How do I know if im a nerd?

Here are ten surefire signs of nerdom from an unconventional nerd:You like books more than you like people.You take great joy in questioning everything.Chemistry jokes are endlessly funny to you.Youre very particular about the TV shows you watch.You secretly love reading your World History textbook.More items •Jul 6, 2016

What do nerds like to watch?

15 Epic TV Shows Every Geek Should WatchFirefly (1 Season, available to stream on Netflix) Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel (7 seasons of Buffy, 5 seasons of Angel, both available to stream on Netflix) Game of Thrones (4 Seasons, available on HBO Go.) The Walking Dead (4 Seasons, available to stream on Netflix)More items •May 13, 2015

Why are nerds so attractive?

Geeks are especially attractive due to their high-self-esteem which stems from having a great work ethic and from being naturally intelligent.”

What shows are considered nerdy?

TV Shows Every Geek And Technology Fan Should WatchSilicon Valley.Big Bang Theory.Halt and Catch Fire.Source: AMC.Scorpion.Source: CBS.Quantum Leap.Source: NBC (via Amazon)More items •Jan 1, 2020

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