Question: How much is Fenton cranberry glass worth?

When did Fenton make cranberry glass?

Opalescent colorsNameYears ProducedDescriptionAmethyst OpalescentBlue Opalescent1959-64, 1978–81Appears at odd times after 1907 till 1959.Cameo Opalescent1920s, 1979–82Brown to tan in color.Cranberry Opalescent1956-1989Mainly made in hobnail and coin dot pattern molds.4 more rows

How do you identify cranberry glass?

In most cases, cranberry glass is recognized by the color. There is no doubt the most distinguishing feature of any piece of cranberry glass is its color. By adding gold chloride to hot molten glass, glassmakers created different shades varying from pink to burgundy.

How can you tell how old a Fenton glass is?

Check for a small number in the oval that denotes the year. In the 1980s, Fenton added a number 8 to the logo to indicate the decade when the pieces were made. They used a 9 during the 90s and a 0 from 2000 to the present. These numbers may be small and hard to see.

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