Question: What did I text my husband when we were first dating?

What should I text him after the first date?

Examples of what to text after a first date:“Thanks for a really great time. I had fun tonight.”“I had a really nice time with you last night. We should do it again sometime.”“Had fun tonight! Will you text me when you get home so I know you made it safely?”“Last night was super fun. [Inside joke from the date>.”25 Feb 2020

Does it matter who texts who first in a relationship?

Healthy texting in the relationship keeps each partner informed and aware of whats going on in their partners life. If your parter is super verbal, or their love language is words of affirmations, texting first may be the way they show they care.

Why does my boyfriend never text first?

“When youre irritated that your partner never texts you first, its because your expectations are not being met,” explains relationship and etiquette expert April Masini. If your partner never texts you first, and you feel that texting first means loving or valuing you more, youre going to feel disappointed.”

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