Question: Where can I find information on the Chinese SKS?

How many Chinese SKS are there?

SKSNo. built15,000,000+VariantsSee VariantsSpecificationsMass3.85 kg (8.5 lb)20 more rows

Is the Chinese Norinco SKS any good?

Its a heavy rifle. Being able to utilize all the features without fiddling around too much makes the SKS one of the easiest guns to shoot. If you find one that has a polymer stock and made to look like an old Soviet machine gun, its going to look โ€” and probably run โ€” like a pile of pure garbage.

Is SKS rifle banned in Canada?

On May 1, the federal government reclassified more than 1,500 models of firearm as prohibited weapons. The SKS wasnt one of them. As soon as a new brand or model of semi-automatic rifle is produced, theyll be back on the Canadian market โ€“ likely as non-restricted firearms.

Whats better SKS or AK 47?

SKS can be used for military purposes as well as by normal individuals. AK 47 is more reliable as compared to SKS because of its great loose design. In combats, AK 47 has mostly replaced SKS. The SKS rifle has better accuracy as compared to AK 47as SKS has a longer sight radius and it is easy to target.

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