Question: Is it illegal to date someone 6 years younger?

If someone older than the age of consent has sex with someone younger than the age of consent, its legally considered rape. If its illegal, you may feel like you need to keep your relationship with this person a secret.

Is it OK to date someone 6 years younger?

The ideal age-gap for dating is 6 years, where the man is older. For this reason, most women dont like to date men around their age or who are younger than they are.” He also added that aside from the 6-year-age gap, women, in general, prefer to date men who are less than 10 years older.

It isnt illegal to date someone 7 years younger than you. It is illegal if your an adult to date a minor. In most states an 18 year old can date whomever, some states put age of consent at 16 as long as the adult isnt 5 years older. But their is no law of 7 years age difference for consenting adults.

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