Question: How do you show tick rate in CS GO?

How do I show fps and tick rate in CS GO?

To enable the overlay with all the informations, we need to type “net_graph 1” into the console of Counter Strike. Done. You will now see several performance informations on the screen. To disable the screen, you can type in “net_graph 0”.

What is 64 tick and 128 tick CSGO?

Simply put, 128 tick servers offer double the processing time of 64 tick servers. A servers tick rate is measured in Hertz (Hz), however most mentions usually just use the number. This means that for each second, a server undergoes a certain amount of ticks.

How do I enable ping in CS:GO?

How to see your ping timeStep one: Launch CS:GO. In the left panel, click the gear icon to open the Settings window. Step two: Exit the Settings window. Press the ~ key on your keyboard to invoke the command-line window in CS:GO.Step three: In the command-line window, type net_graph 1 and click Submit.9 Jul 2020

Is 100 FPS good for CSGO?

Previously, I would normally get around 100 FPS, which for 60Hz is meh/OK. With a 144hz monitor, there is a difference when frame rate drops to 100. Essentially, its best to aim for a setup where FPS is always above the monitor refresh rate. The main obstacle with that is stuttering.

What color crosshair is best?

Taking all that into consideration, take note of these 5 crosshairs and choose whatever is best for you.White.Red. Cyan. Pink. Like green, pink is bright enough for your crosshair to stand out. Green. A Green crosshair is a great crosshair because of how bright it is. 10 Dec 2020

Is small crosshair better?

When considering the crosshair gap (the distance from line to line in the vertical or horizontal), smaller distances are usually best. The larger the void between each side, the harder it is to judge the precise center of the screen. The bigger it is, the more your screen will be obscured.

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