Question: How do I download tinder on my PC?

How do I download Tinder on my computer?

Method 1: Install Tinder App on PC using BlueStacks Open Google Play Store and Type “Tinder” in the search bar. Find the Tinder app from appeared search results and Click on Install. It will take a few seconds to install Tinder on your PC (Windows/Mac).

Does Tinder have a desktop version?

Tinder is today introducing a new way for users to access the platform with the launch of Tinder Online, a web-optimized version of the dating app so people can Tinder at their desktops.

Can I use Tinder on a laptop?

Tinder is the dating app that matches you with people local to you. One of the suggested ways for people to use it had been to download an Android emulator and use that to run a version of the app, but Botinder is the first easy way to use Tinder on your laptop.

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