Question: What is a matchmaking business model?

The matchmaking business model is when you identify two or more customer groups and brings them together in your marketplace.

Is Instagram a multi sided platform?

Instagram started as a photo-sharing product that helped users enhance (initially though the use of filters) and share their photos with other users. Nevertheless, today it is a multi-faceted platform, with multiple products and distinct groups of users.

Is Starbucks a two-sided market?

This chapter introduces the concept of two-sided markets and shows how they comprise a unique type of social media that facilitates the development of social networks oriented toward specific product domains (e.g., restaurants), specific brands (e.g., Starbucks), or common consumer concerns (e.g.,

Is Apple a two-sided market?

Apples platform has a great value which is created with a two-sided philosophy. The value proposition to both sides of the market enables Apple to attract these two distinct groups of customers into the platform. Other inimitable resources of Apple are its innovativeness and marketing strategy.

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