Question: Is Lizzie Hearts a royal or a rebel?

Is Duchess Swan a royal or a rebel?

Duchess Swan is destined to be a tragic heroine, yet she remains a Royal, (if not a strongly conflicted one). The Royal Duchess schemes to steal anothers destiny and their Happily Ever After, she believes that the Rebels stories arent as good as the Royals, therefore doesnt bother switching stories with them.

Is cedar wood a royal or a rebel?

Cedar Wood is a conflicted Rebel. Her story as the next Pinocchio contains the Happily Ever After shes always wanted, becoming a real girl, but she considers a destiny on her terms to be most important.

Is Alistair Wonderland a royal or a rebel?

Alistair Wonderland is part of the story Alices Adventures in Wonderland as the next Alice. He is an adventurer who wants to explore the entire fairytale world and he loves learning how the world is mapped out and which parts are yet to be discovered. Alistair is a Royal.

Who is Lizzie Hearts boyfriend?

The Lizzie Hearts and Daring Charming relationship, often familiar to fans as the couple name Dizzie, is the boyfriend/girlfriend mutual relationship and romantic pairing between Lizzie Hearts, daughter of the Queen of Hearts and Daring Charming, son of King Charming.

Is Duchess Swan a villain?

Duchess Swan Is the daughter of Odette, the Swan Queen, and the central antagonist of the 2013 TV series Ever After High.

Is Ashlynn Ella a royal or a rebel?

In the destiny conflict, she is on the Royal side, but a self-proclaimed Rebel as seen in True Hearts Day, out of a general belief that destiny is the way to go, even though she loves Hunter Huntsman, who is a rebel and from a different fairytale.

Who is Melody Pipers roommate?

Ginger Breadhouse Melody PiperDaughter of The Pied PiperBornJuly 31SideRebelRoommateGinger Breadhouse4 more rows

Is Cerise Hood a royal or a rebel?

Cerise Hood does not honor her destiny. Wishing to hide her wolf ears, she wears a hood to conceal them as she struggles to try to become the next Little Red Riding Hood. She is a Rebel. Unlike some of the Royals, Cerise doesnt approve of being under the spotlight.

Who is Lizzies mom?

Her mother is the Queen of Hearts of Wonderland.

Is daring dating Rosabella?

Romance. Although she is still unsure of who he is, Rosabella is hyped to meet her prince for her story. After a long journey in Epic Winter, Rosabella and Daring develop a close relationship, as theyre shown hugging and embracing. In Cerise and the Beast, it confirms that Daring is destined to be the next beast.

35 Most Popular Ever After High DollsRosabella Beauty. If you love to read and explore libraries, then you should hang out with Rosabella Beauty. Cerise Hood. Apple White. Jillian Beanstalk. Raven Queen. Poppy OHair. Lizzie Hearts. Kitty Cheshire.More items •16 Mar 2021

Who is Ashlynn Ella dating?

Hunter Huntsman Romance. Ashlynn is dating Hunter Huntsman, despite knowing that this is not approved of and that they may be endangering their stories.

Why is Ashlynn Ella a rebel?

Ashlynn originally sided with the Royals, but became a Rebel to be with her boyfriend Hunter Huntsman, as she herself announced in True Hearts Day Part 3.

What is Kitty Cheshires destiny?

Rebel In the destiny conflict, Kitty is on the Rebel side because she doesnt want to listen to the rules of destiny. However, the only reason why Kitty would want to follow her destiny is most presumably her dream of making her mother proud and to be like her one day - a beautiful, smart master of all things chaotic.

Who does Dexter charming end up with?

Year of Terror 5 This is the future Dexter is married to Raven and they couldnt be happier together. But just as they are getting the hang of their life everything goes wrong once again. Apple is married to Earnest Charming Darings cousin.

Why does Cerise hide her ears?

Cerise Hood does not honor her destiny. Wishing to hide her wolf ears, she wears a hood to conceal them as she struggles to try to become the next Little Red Riding Hood.

Does Raven queen turn evil?

Although she is not evil by any extent of the word, Raven possesses dark magic. As the next Evil Queen, her role comes with the ability to summon dark creatures so that good princesses may call on woodland creatures.

Who is Apple Whites best friend?

Briar Beauty Her best friend is Briar Beauty, and shes also close with Ashlynn Ella and Blondie Lockes.

What are Lizzie Hearts powers?

Powers. Lizzie can create anything using cards. She can create replicas of things using cards. Lizzie can also do card tricks, card telekinesis and levitation.

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