Question: How does that awkward moment end?

After much begging and wooing, Jason and Ellie end up back together, and Daniel comes clean about his relationship with Chelsea. Mikey, however, discovers that his wife is still cheating on him with the lawyer, and ends up alone. On a positive note though, he does realize that he is better off without her.

Where is Zac Efron today?

In 2020, Efron put his Los Angeles home up for sale. At that time, he had been spending a lot of time in Byron Bay, Australia, and it became clear he would continue living Down Under. According to TMZ, Efron moved to Australia because he is disenchanted with Hollywood.

Is Zac Efron on TikTok?

Zac Efron Makes His TikTok Debut Alongside Jessica Alba With a Silly Little Dance. Efrons exquisite High School Musical dance moves have entered the chat. Zac Efron has finally made his TikTok debut.

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