Question: What does Patti Stanger charge for matchmaking?

Millionaire Matchmaker Prices Her matchmaking services start at $45,000 and range north of $100,000 for a year-long Millionaires Club membership. Paying clients are introduced to singles from within Stangers database. She also has a partnership with MillionaireMatch, a popular online dating site for millionaires.

How much does Patti Stanger cost?

$45,000 US dollars for a year of unlimited dating (as many dates as you wish in your area) in addition to standard membership dues. There may be an additional fee for local/national advertising or search fee expenses.

How old is Patti Stanger?

60 years (May 31, 1961) Patti Stanger/Age Patricia Patti Stanger (born May 31, 1961) is an American businesswoman and reality television personality. She is known for starring in and producing her own matchmaking reality series, The Millionaire Matchmaker, on Bravo TV.

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