Question: How do I know if my RV is 30 or 50 amp?

ANSWER: Hi, the easiest way to tell is by looking at the plug on your RV. Take a look at the pictures at the top of this page and it will soon become apparent whether your RV is 30 or 50 Amps.

How do you know how many amps your RV is?

All appliances are labeled by the manufacturer with a power requirement label somewhere on the item. Look for the input voltage which is most likely 120 volts and amps, or amperage can be any number.

Can you hook up a 50 amp RV to a 30 amp service?

Yes! With an adapter, you can plug a 50-amp RV cord into a 30-amp power pedestal at a campground. The female end of the adapter will plug into your RV cord, and the male end will plug into the power pedestal.

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