Question: How many matches have there been on Coffee Meets Bagel?

CMB has already made more than 50,000,000 matches and thousands of lasting relationships globally.

How long does it take to find a match on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Because we focus on quality > quantity, checking your potential matches should take just ~5 minutes per day. When youre done, youre done. Plus, this approach has attracted a special kind of community: Eighty-six percent of CMB daters are looking for long-term relationships – so that means youll be in good company.

How many likes is normal on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Receive three free likes periodically Youll get three likes for free! You can like bagels that show up in your Discover tab. Likes typically cost beans, the in-app currency, but Coffee Meets Bagel will periodically provide you with a few additional free likes for free.

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