Question: Where can I date in Jeddah?

Is dating allowed in Jeddah?

The first and most important thing that expats need to know is that Saudis do not date. Although the Kingdom is opening up in many ways – for example allowing music, movies, and theaters, which enables more public mixing than before – dating, sex, and romance remain taboo.

What can I do in Jeddah tonight?

Step into the past with a visit to Al Balad. Shop Til You Drop at Mall of Arabia. Enjoy a Thrill a Minute at Al Shallal Theme Park. Take in the Sea Breeze at Jeddah Corniche. Go on a Scuba Diving Adventure in Obhur. Explore the Sea from Dry Land at Fakieh Aquarium. Visit the Floating Mosque. Marvel at King Fahds Fountain.More items •Jul 5, 2019

How do Saudis flirt?

In gender-segregated Saudi Arabia, Bluetooth technology give people a discreet way to flirt while avoiding trouble from the conservative religious society. Yet despite the barriers, the men and women flirt and exchange phone numbers, photos and kisses.

How can I have fun in Jeddah?

Plan a trip to Jeddah and set some sightseeing records of your own.Spend a family day riding roller coasters at one of Jeddahs THEME PARKS. Shop for souvenirs at MALL OF ARABIA. Relax in the sun at SILVER SANDS BEACH. Marvel at the incredible sight of KING FAHDS FOUNTAIN. Swim with the dolphins at FAKIEH AQUARIUM.More items •9 Jul 2020

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