Question: How do you comfort a Taurus woman?

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20) The kind of comforting that often works best for Taurus is letting them know youre there for them and that you care. Give them your full attention, dont try to maneuver the conversation back to you, and be appropriately affectionate with them.

How do you cheer up a Taurus woman?

Taurus: Shower them with physical affection Hugs, kisses, cuddles, and any other kind of tangible show of love and support are things this sign perceives as positive. A tight embrace and suddenly the obstinate Bull is replaced by a timid teddy bear.

What do you do when a Taurus woman is sad?

Suggestions for Healing Taurus Energy DepressionPlan one thing to look forward to.Set new boundaries with people who drain you.Spend time with someone who gets you.Soak up beautiful scenes, art, music, films, clothes, etc.Apr 26, 2018

When a Taurus woman is silent?

For Taurus, the silent treatment is a way to deal with a perceived hurt or injustice. Since Taurus are stubborn, it may take them a long time to get to the point where they can talk to the person who hurt them without feeling furious. Its not unlike Taurus to thaw and then get angry again immediately.

Does Taurus woman lose interest?

Taurus. She lost interest in you because you came on too strong. A Taurus woman needs to take her time when falling in love. If you want things to work out with a Taurus woman, give her space, give her time, and respect that it might be a while before you put a label on anything.

What Colours should Taurus avoid?

As a Taurus spirit, you should avoid the colors yellow, red, and eggplant. Yellow is a bright yet spontaneous and unstable color. It can evoke feelings of frustration and agitation that dont vibe with your grounded spirit. Surrounding yourself with yellow may distract you from things that matter.

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