Question: Can gay couples go to Sandals resorts?

Sandals Resorts, including Sandals Grenada, welcomes all guests, regardless of sexual orientation. Traveling around the world, I am accustomed to standing out at times.

Are gay couples allowed at Sandals?

Sandals, which operates 12 couples-only resorts on the Caribbean islands of Jamaica, St. Lucia, Antigua and the Bahamas, has ended a policy, in effect since 1981, that excluded same-sex couples. The resort chain has refined its policy to include all adult couples.

Can non couples stay at Sandals?

Because we wanted to make your vacation as romantic and relaxing as possible, only couples may stay at Sandals. But we open our arms to welcome singles, friends, and families to our fabulous Beaches Resorts.

Which Caribbean islands are gay friendly?

Curacao is easily the most gay friendly of any Caribbean island, and it is happily apparent the moment you set foot on the island. Curacao has its very own Pride Festival in the latter half of September every year.

Is Sandals Negril gay friendly?

During my four nights at the Sandals Negril resort, I spoke with multiple servers, bartenders, cooks, and support staff about the experience they provide to LGBTQ couples. The resort works to treat every couple the same, regardless of who they love, with one exception.

Which Sandals resort is most popular?

#1 - Sandals Grande St. Lucia.#2 - Sandals Grande Antigua.#3 - Sandals LaSource Grenada.#4 - Sandals South Coast.#5 - Sandals Emerald Bay.#6 - Sandals Royal Barbados.#7 - Sandals Barbados.#8 - Sandals Royal Bahamian.More items

Is Sandals the best all inclusive?

It is no surprise Sandals Resorts ranked consistently as some of the best all-inclusive resorts across the world over the last decade. They include most of your activities, food, and drinks which makes your vacation effortless. They even often have private beaches just for guests!

What is the least expensive Sandals resort?

Sandals Ochi 1) The least expensive Sandals resort is Sandals Ochi. Sandals Carlyle Inn is also very inexpensive but is very small in size and does not offer its own beach or spa. 2) Sandals discounts are usually greater the further you book in advance.

Is room service free at Sandals?

There is no free room service in standard rooms at Sandals. Room service comes free with all rooms, they have mini bars that will be stocked with what you want every day. You can order breakfast, lunch or dinner or just snacks.

Is Cancun gay-friendly?

Cancun is one of the biggest vacation destinations on the planet, and pretty much every hotel and resort in Cancun can be considered open and welcome to LGBT travelers. – after all, being gay-friendly is not all about upscale luxury, but about providing friendly service and welcoming guests without prejudice!

Is Punta Cana gay-friendly?

Punta Cana is known as the Caribbeans most gay-friendly destination - and for good reason! Punta Cana is also a popular location for gay weddings because of its picturesque setting and relaxing atmosphere.

Which sandals is the best resort?

Best Sandals Resort - Top 15 Ranked & Reviewed#1) Sandals Grande St. #2) Sandals Grande Antigua // St. #3) Sandals LaSource Grenada // Georgetown, Grenada.#4) Sandals South Coast // Whitehouse, Jamaica.#5) Sandals Emerald Bay // Exuma, Bahamas.#6) Sandals Royal Barbados // Oistins, Barbados.More items

Is Negril Jamaica safe?

The simple answer is yes. In general, Negril is safe during the day time but we recommend taking precautions when travelling during the evening. If you need to travel during the evening, be sure to take a taxi to and from your destination and avoid walking in the streets late at night.

Which Sandals Resort is the most fun?

The best rated Sandals Resort is Sandals Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. 94% (!) of over 3,000 reviewers rate this elegant boutique resort as very good or excellent. Sandals Royal Plantation is closely followed by Sandals Grenada and Sandals South Coast (also in Jamaica).

Is Sandals or secrets better?

Generally speaking, the organized activities on the resort are more active at Sandals. Secrets tends to be low key. I will also note that its becomming more and more likely that you can find prices for Sandals that are in the same ballpark as Secrets if you land one of the 50% off specials (which isnt hard to do).

Which is better couples or Sandals?

We like Couples better since it is less expensive and many free water activities and excursions. Sandals is bigger, more restaurants and better rooms. Still like the island rooms and atmosphere at Couples. Couples have good quality food also.

Which Sandals Resort is most popular?

#1 - Sandals Grande St. Lucia.#2 - Sandals Grande Antigua.#3 - Sandals LaSource Grenada.#4 - Sandals South Coast.#5 - Sandals Emerald Bay.#6 - Sandals Royal Barbados.#7 - Sandals Barbados.#8 - Sandals Royal Bahamian.More items

Why is Sandals Resorts so expensive?

8. Re: Why are Sandals so much more expensive than competition? IMO, Sandals is more expensive because they can be - they do a superb job of marketing their product and advertise aggressively. It is the first resort one thinks of when going to Jamaica for most people because they spend the most on marketing.

How much do Sandals employees make?

What is the average salary for Sandals Resorts employees? Sandals Resorts employees earn $60,500 annually on average, or $29 per hour, which is 9% lower than the national salary average of $66,000 per year. According to our data, the highest paying job at Sandals Resorts is a Hotel Manager at $87,000 annually.

Are Secrets Resorts gay-friendly?

Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta is TAG Approved® - Gay Friendly Hotels and Attractions Worldwide.

Is Tulum gay-friendly?

Though Tulum has no gay bars, it is still very gay-friendly and welcoming to the LGBTQ community. Most bars in Tulum offer outdoor seating so one can immerse themselves in the jungle atmosphere while having a few drinks. There is a gay bar called Fruitys, but its currently closed.

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