Question: What has happened to Lauren Pope?

What has Lauren Pope done?

Lauren Pope Lauren had two breast enlargement surgeries before her reduction and she documented the second boob job during an episode of Towie.

What is Lauren from Towie doing now?

What is Lauren Goodgers job? Over the years Lauren has had a number of businesses but famously her beauty shop Laurens Way was firebombed shortly after opening and has now closed. However shes since opened her own filler beauty salon in Essex and shes now training to administer fillers herself.

What series did Lauren Pope leave Towie?

The Only Way Is Essex Lauren Grace Pope (born 29 September 1982) is an English model, television personality and DJ. In 2010, she began appearing in the ITVBe reality series The Only Way Is Essex. She left the series in March 2019.

Has Lauren Pope Botox?

He said at the time: Lauren Pope appears to have had several cosmetic procedures including Botox and fillers throughout her face and clearly her nose and a Breast Augmentation.

Who is Lauren Popes boyfriend?

Tony Keterman Lauren shared a lovely series of photos with her over one million followers, revealing that she and boyfriend Tony Keterman had welcomed a baby girl โ€“ and she even announced the adorable name the couple gave their little one.

Are Lauren Pope and Chloe Sims still friends?

She doesnt really keep in contact with anyone apart from Chloe Sims now. During the show, Lauren formed a close bond with Chloe Sims, Diags and Dan Edgar โ€“ who she also dated โ€“ and romanced Sam Mucklow, Kirk Norcross, Jon Clark and Lewis Bloor.

What did Lauren Pope do before Towie?

Lauren Pope, 36, is a former Sun Page 3 model and began her career as a DJ in 2007. She was later branded the worlds sexiest DJ by Nuts magazine. The Towie star appears in Calvin Harris music video for Ready for the Weekend.

What does Charles Drury do for a living?

Who is Charles Drury? Charles Drury, 22, is a builder and amateur football player based in Chesterfield. He is also the boyfriend of TOWIE favourite Lauran Goodger. Charles is signed with model agency FOMO and, like his girlfriend Lauren, has launched his own OnlyFans account.

When did Lauren Goodger meet her boyfriend?

The builder and amateur football player is perhaps best known for his whirlwind romance with Katie Price in 2019. The pair got talking over Instagram and according to Charles, they met for a night of passion at a hotel in the Cotswolds.

Why did Lauren Pope and Chloe Sims fallout?

The pairs biggest fallout came when Lauren discovered Chloe had shared a passionate kiss with resident lothario Mario Falcone, who once dated Lauren. Things kicked off even more when she discovered that Chloe and Mario had actually dated in secret for a month, around the time Lauren and Mario had gone on a date.

Did Chloe and Lauren make up?

CHLOE Sims has revealed where she stand with former The Only Way Is Essex nemesis Lauren Pope. The reality stars have had a famously rocky relationship on the ITVBe show, after their friendship broke down over Mario Falcone. The 34 year old revealed: With me and Lauren, weve fallen out and made up a couple of times.

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