Question: When did Cosmopolitan magazine start to be called Cosmopolitan?

With a circulation of over 3 million in the U.S. alone, the magazine is one of Hearsts most valuable properties and longest-running titles; it was first introduced in 1886 as a family magazine before transitioning in the 1970s under legendary editrix Helen Gurley Brown to become the sexy womens “Cosmo” of today.

When did Cosmopolitan magazine come out?

1886 The Cosmopolitan Magazine was launched by the publisher Schlicht & Field Company in 1886 as a family journal of fashion, household decor, cooking, and other domestic interests.

Who started Cosmopolitan?

Helen Gurley Brown Helen Gurley Brown (February 18, 1922 – August 13, 2012; born Helen Marie Gurley) was an American author, publisher, and businesswoman .Helen Gurley BrownOccupationInternational Editor, CosmopolitanNotable credit(s)Editor-in-chief, Cosmopolitan5 more rows

When was Cosmopolitan magazine first published in the UK?

February 1972 Cosmopolitans UK arrival, in February 1972, linked advertisers with an attractive but not easy-to-reach market. The magazine targeted stylish, classy and liberated young women who wanted great orgasms and didnt mind admitting it.

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