Question: How does matchmaking actually work in MTG Arena?

The matchmaking system in MTG Arena is a confusing thing. You sit down at your computer, pick what queue you want to play in, and decide which deck you want to use for the game. A few moments later, youre matched against somebody that the game has decided is your equal and you start slinging spells.

How does matchmaking work in arena?

Matchmaking in Arena is based on Division and Hype points, which means players will only face opponents who are in the same Division as them and, if possible, with the same number of Hype points.

How does MTG Arena decide who goes first?

In the first game of a match, the players may use any mutually agreeable method (flipping a coin, rolling dice, etc.) to do so. In a match of several games, the loser of the previous game chooses who takes the first turn. The player chosen to take the first turn is the starting player.

How many arena points do you need to qualify?

To qualify for Arena points, your personal rating must be within 150 of the rating of your team, with at least 10 games played, and you must have participated in 30% of your teams games the previous week.

Does Apex Legends have hidden MMR?

Re: Matchmaking & hidden MMR There is no matchmaking in Apex, its random.

Is Apex MMR based?

Apex Arenas uses a weighted MMR system. When you are against players higher ranked than you, you will gain more when you win and lose less when you lose. If you are against lower-ranked players, you will typically gain a little less for a win, and take a bigger hit for a loss.

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