Question: What does being light hearted mean?

1 : free from care, anxiety, or seriousness : happy-go-lucky a lighthearted mood. 2 : cheerfully optimistic and hopeful : easygoing they can be lighthearted in the midst of misery— H. J. Forman.

Does lighthearted mean happy?

Someone who tends to be happy and upbeat is lighthearted.

What is another word for light-hearted?

OTHER WORDS FOR lighthearted cheery, joyful, blithe, happy, glad, merry, jovial, jocund.

Is light-hearted an attitude?

Lighthearted is a personality trait and so is used to describe someones attitude toward life in general. As such its not normally applied to any specific concept or situation -- we wouldnt say, Im lighthearted about my marriage.

How do I become light-hearted?

Seven Habits of Light-Hearted PeopleSmile to become instantly more likeable, attractive and approachable. Laugh whenever possible. Feel. Let Go of trying to exert power over others. Acknowledge your Humanness or you will waste energy trying to be perfect. In-joy Yourself as you only get one free supply of your life.More items

How do you describe a light-hearted person?

Someone who is light-hearted is cheerful and happy. They were light-hearted and prepared to enjoy life. Something that is light-hearted is intended to be entertaining or amusing, and not at all serious.

Why do we feel heavy-hearted?

Feeling heaviness in the chest can result from various mental and physical health conditions. People often associate a heavy feeling in the chest with heart problems, but this discomfort can be a sign of anxiety or depression. A feeling of heaviness is one way that a person may describe chest pain or discomfort.

What does it mean cold hearted?

: marked by lack of sympathy, interest, or sensitivity coldhearted criminals a coldhearted refusal. Other Words from coldhearted More Example Sentences Learn More About coldhearted.

What does Unseriousness mean?

: not serious unserious writers unserious debates … recognize the difference between serious and unserious warnings.—

What do you call a very serious person?

1 grave, humourless, long-faced, pensive, sedate, sober, solemn, stern, thoughtful, unsmiling. 2 deliberate, determined, earnest, genuine, honest, in earnest, resolute, resolved, sincere.

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