Question: Is it common for men to date women in Qatar?

Dating in Qatar Expats living in Qatar generally date as they would in their home country, albeit in a much more subtle way. Your biggest problem while dating in Qatar will be finding someone to date because men outnumber women three to one.

Is there gender equality in Qatar?

Women in Qatar Qatars policies regarding womens rights is restricted due to the male guardianship law. Both women and men were enfranchised in the country at the same time, in 1999.

Why do men outnumber women in Qatar?

The reason is that Qatar like many other middle Eastern countries has attracted a lot of migrant workers from South Asia, mostly men to work in industries that grew after the oil boom of the seventies. 85.7% of the population in Qatar is foreign - thats why men outnumber women the most in adulthood.

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