Question: What is there to do in Tasmania at night?

Where can I see the Milky Way in Tasmania?

Bruny Island Head to Bruny Island, home to seal colonies and clifftop trails, for a magnificently starry sky. Just 30 minutes from Hobart by car, Bruny Island is free from light and city pollution, making it the perfect place to enjoy a memorable night under the Milky Way.

Where can I see the Milky Way in Hobart?

Taroona Beach is about a 20-minute drive south from Hobart and is popular amongst photographers looking to capture the magic of the Aurora Australis or the magnificent milky way.

Is driving in Tasmania difficult?

Re: Is it difficult to drive in Hobart? Yes, especially for unpredictable costs.

How long does it take to walk around Tasmania?

The Lap of Tasmania route [map] is around 1,500km long, and we feel that you should allow at least 7 days (this itinerary shows you how). Ideally, we recommend 14 days or more to drive around Tasmania (especially if you are in a caravan).

What months are winter in Tasmania?

Tasmania has four distinct seasons. The warmest months are December, January, February and March. Autumn has still sunny days. Winter runs from May through August.

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