Question: Whats the best tradition to give your partner for Christmas?

Writing love letters to your partner is one of the cheesiest and cutest Christmas traditions for couples to indulge in. You could also opt for short but fun greeting cards and humorous notes to cheer them up. Share your feelings, stories, memories, or naughty inside jokes to make them feel loved and appreciated.

What couples do on Christmas?

32 Magical, Romantic Christmas Date Ideas for CouplesClassic Christmas Movie Night.Gift Wrapping Date.Cutting Down Your Christmas Tree.Go ice skating.Cookie baking bonanza.Go to an ugly sweater party together (or host one!)Create your own Christmas cocktails (boozy hot chocolate, anyone?)More items •Dec 8, 2020

What can I give instead of gifts?

30+ Ideas for Making Memories: How to Give Experiences Instead of GiftsToo much stuff? Instead of adding to the deluge of material items, consider giving experiences instead of gifts. Discover the joy of homemade soap. Get crafty. Go forage. Learn about herbs. Paint and sip. Make cheese.More items •Sep 1, 2021

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