Question: Is Y99 chat safe?

They share inappropriate material between them and invade users privacy. As soon as you figure their nasty dynamic out, they try to bully your way out of the site. I wouldnt use it even if I were paid to do so. A friendly piece of advice, stay away from it!

Are chat sites safe?

Chat rooms can be scary for kids and lead to potentially dangerous situations, but experts say they are not as threatening as information-sharing social media platforms. Chat rooms are online platforms that offer strangers a place to talk in group “rooms,” similar to a text group chat but most users are anonymous.

Are anonymous chats dangerous?

Talking to someone who has no picture, no voice, no identity other than the words you see on the screen can be exciting but also dangerous. Naturally, anonymous chatting is controversial because you may be talking to someone who is out to use you or do something else nefarious.

How can I be safe online chat?

Seven Tips for Staying Safe when Chatting OnlineDont give away personal information. Check out their friends list. Friends and photos seem to check out? Do they refuse to use a webcam? Google image search. Meeting up? Think logically and trust your instincts.

How do I hide my location on Whisper?

Like the previous method, this one should work on all Android devices.Open the Settings app on your device.Enter the Security & location section. Next, tap on the Location tab.Tap on the slider switch next to Use location to turn it off.10 Aug 2019

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