Question: Who owns Zippo now?

Today, George B. Duke, Mr. Blaisdells grandson, is the sole owner and Chairman of the Board of Zippo. Mark Paup is the companys President and CEO.

Are Zippo lighters still being made?

Since the companys inception, Zippo lighters have been primarily manufactured in the United States, although the company ran an operation from 1949 until 2002 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada .Zippo.TypePrivateProductsLighters and accessoriesWebsitezippo.com5 more rows

Does Zippo own Ronson?

Zippo Manufacturing Company acquired assets from Ronson in February 2010. Ronson had marketed lighters since 1913 and offered a diverse line of pocket and torch style lighters and flame accessories. Ronson Corporation and later Ronson Consumer Products Company were founded by the Aronson family.

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