Question: What are the features of the Bumble app?

What are Bumble features?

With Bumble Premium, youre able to:See everyone who swiped right on you with Beeline.Rematch with expired connections.Extend your matches by 24 hours.Backtrack on accidental left swipes.Get unlimited swipes.Put yourself in the Spotlight.Use five SuperSwipes per week.More items

What are the free features of Bumble?

Free Bumble In their FAQs, Bumble touts that its “free and always will be.” What that means is that you can swipe right or left on as many profiles as you like. If you match, you can talk to as many people as you like (assuming the woman messages first in a straight couple), and youre given one extend per day.

What are the 3 options on Bumble?

The Bumble app has three modes: Bumble Date, Bumble BFF, and Bumble Bizz. Download Bumble, and youll have access to all of em. Once you register an account, youll be taken to a home screen where you can choose one of the three modes.

What is unique about Bumble?

Bumble allows users to be “verified,” which is different than being verified on Twitter or Instagram. Verification doesnt mean you are a famous or well-known person, its just a way to assure that you are who you say you are.

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